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"I am selfish, private and easily bored. Will this be a problem?"

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My 3rd grade teacher once told me to read the books that are the the most damaged on the outside because you can tell by the damage its been read by a lot of people, and there’s usually a great story on the inside.
This advice hasn’t failed me yet.

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From the Greatist

No grains? No problem. Paleo eaters may shun grains, processed vegetable oils, and refined sugars, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying plenty of delicious dishes — and creating some downright ingenious recipe substitutions. Whether you’re a longtime primal eating fanatic or just curious about what it’s like to go back to dietary basics, we’ve got 51 delicious Paleo-approved snacks for whenever hunger strikes.

Photo by Perry Santanachote

1. Cauliflower PopcornCorn is a Paleo no-no, so replace the movie favorite with a more nutritious cauliflower version that has a similar buttery taste and satisfying crunch.
2. Bacon and Guacamole SandwichesWe’re kicking ourselves for not thinking of this one sooner. Michelle Tam, founder of Nom Nom Paleo, has some sage advice here: Slap a tablespoon (or two) of guacamole between strips of crispy bacon for a mini-sandwich combo every Paleo enthusiast can love.
3. Deconstructed GuacamoleFor a filling, colorful salad, combine cubed avocado and diced tomato with lemon juice and your favorite seasonings. Best if the avocados aren’t too ripe so they’ll keep some shape.
4. Paleo Hummus and Veggie SlicesGoing Paleo means saying goodbye to traditional hummus. This recipe swaps cauliflower for chickpeas for a substitute that will fool all but the most astute hummus connoisseurs. Serve with slices of your favorite dip-able vegetables.
5. Baba Ghanoush and Sesame CrackersEggplants are Paleo-friendly for most, but store-bought baba ghanoush can still contain loads of hidden mayo — and that can mean a lot of unwanted vegetable oils. Go for a simple, mayo-free recipe with lots of garlic for a fresher take that won’t weigh you down. Try pairing this dip with some Paleo-friendly homemade sesame crackers.
6.Prosciutto Wrapped MelonA sweeter combo than the one above, this easy recipe requires zero cooking. Pick a favorite in-season melon (cantaloupe and honeydew work well) and wrap with preservative-free prosciutto for a juicy snack with a salty kick that’s tops for finger food.
7. Prosciutto Wrapped AsparagusRoast asparagus, then wrap in a preservative-free prosciutto for a snack that will also impress as an appetizer. Serve with egg yolks as an optional dipping sauce (go for the pasteurized variety if raw egg isn’t your thing).
8. Shrimp CocktailStart simple with the original cocktail. Serve this protein-rich snack with sugar-free cocktail sauce for an added kick.
9. Bacon-Roasted Brussels SproutsBrussels sprouts are a much-maligned green, but we’ve learned to love this superfood in almost every form. Roast with diced bacon — and some extra bacon grease — and there’s even more to celebrate.
10. Chicken-and-Egg-Stuffed TomatoesCombine cooked diced chicken and hardboiled egg with a simple vinaigrette and then stuff into hollowed-out beefsteak tomatoes. Garnish with paprika for flavor and color.
11. Guacamole Deviled EggsMash hardboiled egg yolks with avocado with a dash of lemon juice, then stuff into egg whites for a greener take on deviled eggs. Bet you can’t eat just one! (We couldn’t eat just four.)

Photo by Perry Santanachote

12. Egg MuffinsMiss muffins on Paleo? Try this version — basically mini omelettes baked in a muffin tin — for an infinitely customizable snack. Fill with your favorite veggies and meats, top with cheese (or go without), and enjoy for breakfast or whenever a snack craving hits.
13. Avocado with Sunflower SeedsHalve and pit a ripe avocado and fill the center cavity with roasted sunflower seeds for a quick treat with contrasting textures.
14. Green EggsWe’ll pass on the green ham for now, but this recipe gets the thumbs up. Blend eggs with a few leaves of superfood kale — keep the leave on the stalks! — and scramble for a nutrient- and fiber-packed twist on the classic omelet.
15. Homemade Trail MixLet’s face it: A lot of the best-tasting trail mixes aren’t the best for Paleo peeps, since sugar-coated dried fruit, milk chocolate morsels, and peanuts often take center stage. Make your own version at home by opting for nuts like almonds and macadamias, and no-sugar-added dried fruit for a touch of sweetness.
16. Bacon-Wrapped DatesTry this sweet and savory combo for a snack that’s great served hot and cold. Experiment with different thicknesses and varieties of bacon for a twist on flavor.
17. Egg-Stuffed PepperHollow out a bell pepper and fill with two or three cracked whole eggs. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake or microwave until the eggs are cooked through. Add in some diced bacon or other meat for even more protein.
18. Roasted Sweet PotatoesWe’ve got tons of awesome sweet potato recipes, but this is the first entry on anyone’s list. Sprinkle sweet potato wedges, slices, or chunks with olive oil and rosemary, then roast at about 400 degrees until tender. (Also check out this great idea for crunchy sweet potato chips — in a microwave!).
19. Almond “Cheese” with Apple SlicesFor Paleo eaters who avoid dairy, this recipe uses an ingredient that’s probably already in the cupboard. Soak and peel almonds, then toss in a food processor until they’re a nutty goop. Strain in cheesecloth and refrigerate for a ricotta-like texture. Pair with apples for a filling, balanced snack!
20. Almond-Parmesan Zucchini CrispsCourse, homemade almond flour and grated Parmesan give these crisps restaurant-style breading — without the bread. Swap in shredded coconut for the cheese if dairy’s not part of your diet.

Photo by Perry Santanachote

21. Paleo Pizza BitesNo crust? No problem. These bite-sized snacks use preservative-free pepperoni or thin-cut sausage as their base. Top with tomato sauce, olives, and oregano for the full pizza experience.
22. Chili-Lime Chicken WingsThere are endless ways to serve chicken, but this recipe gets a special nod for proving wings don’t need to be breaded and deep fried to taste great.
23. Basil-Artichoke Turkey MeatballsPaleo enthusiasts have revamped the art of making meatballs, and this recipe goes above and beyond by cramming in extra veggies. The texture of the artichokes is the perfect addition to make this a well-rounded snack instead of just a spaghetti topper.
24. Coconut Chicken NuggetsSay goodbye to fried mystery meat. These coconut-crusted nuggets also come with a recipe for Paleo barbecue sauce for a condiment we won’t have to write off as a cheat meal.
25. Crispy Prosciutto ChipsBake preservative-free prosciutto for a thin, crunchy, mouth-watering snack — though we recommend a thicker cut if dipping is involved, since these come out pretty fragile.
26. Bacon Wrapped EggsThe brilliance of this recipe is its innovative use of a muffin tray. Line the tray’s holes with bacon, then crack an egg into each one and bake for a three-bite breakfast (or second breakfast, we won’t judge).
27. Beef JerkyJerky lovers were eating Paleo before it was cool (well, before it was cool again). Dried or smoked meat is the modern caveman’s ultimate snack. We like this recipebecause it’s based off a flavor combo — Teriyaki and beef — we’ve all come to know and love.
28. Ground Beef JerkyThis is a great recipe that doesn’t require the use of a dehydrator — or even a prime cut of beef. Spread a hunk of seasoned ground beef into a thin layer on a baking sheet, and bake on a low setting (about 155 degrees) for 8-12 hours. When it’s all cooked, break into chunks the size of your choosing.
29. Gluten-Free Fish SticksAlmond flour takes the place of normal breading in this upgraded version of the grade-school staple. The combo of grapeseed and olive oils makes for a great crunch in the finished product while reducing the risk of burning the fish.
30. Paleo Scotch EggsThis bar-food favorite is easy to adapt for a Paleo lifestyle. Wrap a hardboiled egg in minced beef and garlic, and bake for 30 minutes or until the beef is done.
31. Pork and Apple SkewersHere’s a kebab combo that’s great to prep ahead of time (and trust us, they keep well enough in the fridge for a next-day snack). Pork chops and applesauce are a tried and true pairing, but this recipe slides chunks of apple, pork, and red onion onto the same stick for a more portable feast.

Photo by Perry Santanachote

32. Kale ChipsHand-tear kale into bite-sized pieces, coat in olive or coconut oil, sprinkle with sea salt, and bake until the edges are crunchy and brown: It’s the recipe that brought kale back into foodies’ good graces!
33. Roasted Pumpkin SeedsWhile this recipe is probably easiest around Halloween, roasted pumpkin seeds keep great in bags for a truly mobile snack. Sprinkle with cumin or curry powder for a slightly spicier version.
34. Paleo Herb CrackersFor a gluten-free cracker packed with flavor and crunch, combine almond flour, water, oil, and some favorite herbs. Spread the dough on cookie sheets and bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown, but not brittle.
35. Sunflower Sesame CrackersThese three-ingredient crackers (if water even counts as an ingredient) can also be made using chia seeds for an omega-3-rich crunch.
36. Crispy Mushroom ChipsKing oyster mushrooms are recommended for this simple recipe, though we’re definitely up for experimenting with different varieties. Use melted ghee (clarified butter) as a coating for the perfect color and texture.
37. Three-Ingredient Energy BarsEnergy bars are great on the go, but sometimes their complex ingredient lists don’t make for the cleanest eating. Make some Paleo bars on the cheap by blending dried fruit (like raisins), nuts, and pitted dates. Next, spread onto a baking sheet and chill. Cut the bars into the preferred size and store in the fridge until packing that next lunch.
38. Spiced Macadamia NutsThese spiced nuts are, well, actually spicy. Cayenne and allspice give otherwise-neutral macadamia nuts a surprising kick. Enjoy, but not without some water nearby.
39. Blueberry-Apple Pie Trail Mix BallsThis recipe calls for store-bought PaleoKrunch Apple Cereal for added texture and apple flavor, but slivered almonds and dehydrated apple chunks would work, too. Combine all ingredients, form into balls, and chill for a no-bake snack great for both hikes and morning commutes.

Photo by Perry Santanachote

40. Easy Strawberry Ice CreamIt’s not quite as easy as the one-ingredient banana ice cream, but it’s definitely as tasty. This recipe calls for coconut milk to give the finished product a smooth texture.
41. Almond Butter Ants on a LogIt’s an elementary school tradition: celery stalks, nut butter, and raisins to top it all off. Swap in almond butter to keep it Paleo (remember, peanuts are legumes — a Paleo no-no!).
42. Grilled PeachesHalve fresh peaches and coat the cut sides in ghee or coconut oil, then grill on medium-high heat for around four minutes per side. They’re sweet enough as-is, but serving with some natural honey can boost the flavor even more.
43. Paleo FudgesiclesTo be fair, this take on the ice cream truck classic requires some added stevia for the right amount of sweetness. But we applaud the creator for coming up with a Paleo workaround for the fudgy chocolate texture. (It’s avocado-based, obviously.)
44. Banana Ice CreamBananas aren’t always the Paleo eater’s best friend, especially for those dialing back the carbs. But if you’re splurging or already incorporate America’s most popular fruitinto the normal routine, this one-ingredient ice cream is an obvious addition.
45. Homemade Fruit LeatherAvoid added sugars and preservatives and create your own flavor combos with some homemade fruit leather. Use seasonal fruit for a treat that keeps well even when the produce is off the shelf.
46. Nut Butter-Stuffed ApplesCore fresh apples and fill with your favorite nut butter, then bake for a dense, flavorful dessert. Note: Almond butter works well when cooking!
47. Coconut Butter-Stuffed DatesIn case wrapping dates in bacon wasn’t enough, this recipe forgoes the savory in place of sweet coconut butter as a filling. Think of them as mini Paleo cannolis.
48. Almond Butter-Apricot BitesAnother take on the no-bake energy bar model, this recipe adds apricot and coconut for extra sweetness.
49. Chocolate-Covered BaconThis snack is simple, elegant, and irresistible. Use dark, soy-free chocolate to complement the bacon’s natural smoky flavor (and to keep things Paleo-friendly, of course).
50. Baked Paleo CustardTreat yourself with this decadent, gluten- and dairy-free vanilla custard. Garnish with nutmeg if you’re feeling fancy.
51. Decadent Fruit DipStore-bought caramel dips are summer picnic staples, but they’re not always the best for our waistlines. This lighter recipe lets cooks make both vanilla and chocolate versions in one batch. Now that’s innovation.

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